Past Events

After hosting events for thousands of Black professionals in tech globally, we know what you need and want. Our events are curated especially for your professional growth, network and skill building in mind!

World-Class User Experience (UX): Inclusive by Design

February 25th 2021

Come discover how diversity is a catalyst for superior product development & engineering

February 18th 2021

How Black ERGs are Transforming tech from the inside

February 11th 2021

From Black History to Black Future

February 4th 2021

Protecting your mind: stories from Black tech

January 27th 2021

Emerging tech companies and how they are owning the future

January 21st 2021

The Holiday Kickback

December 17th 2020

The business Case For More Senior Black Engineers In Tech!

August 27th 2020

Road to BFUTR series Black Women in Tech and Leadership Crushing it Presented By Salesforce

August 20th 2020

North American Pandemic and Anti-Racism Task Force

August 18th 2020

How allies & hiring gatekeepers create space for Black tech professionals

Presented by RBC

July 23rd 2020

Tech's Black Employees: ERG's - Build Engagement & Scale

Presented by CIBC

July 9th 2020

Tech Talk and Network Atlanta to the world

Presented by SAP

User Experience in Tech

Presented by Shopify

June 4th 2020

Meeting sales targets during chaotic times - Presented by Salesforce

Presented by Salesforce

May 21st 2020

Product Management: Tools to choose what's next with Janielle Loken

April 30th 2020

Tech Talk & Network: Fireside chat with Minister Ng & Leadership Panel discussion

Stacking your chips during a pandemic: Be Investment ready

March 26th 2020

Defence in Depth: Building security in code

February 20th 2020

Artificial Intellegence and it's Impact

January 28th 2020




Virtual Tech Talk & Online Network Experience

As the tech sector continues to grow, we are intentional about engaging and connecting top talent from the Black STEM community together and also with our company partners.

6:00 PM – 9:00PM

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© Copyright 2021 Black Professionals in Tech Network. All Rights Reserved.

© Copyright 2021
 Black Professionals in Tech Network.
All Rights Reserved.