Great Leadership Starts With Self Leadership

Blogs February 02, 2020

By Michallia Marks

“Great leadership begins with self-leadership,” echoes Leadership Expert, Robin Sharma. In a world that is being permeated by superficiality and the gradual decay in character, there is a clarion call for leaders in the 21 st century. If an individual has to
‘lead thyself first’, there are certain principles that one has to resolve within themselves in order to be a rare-air leader.

  • Be a person of sound character. Character is a commitment to a set of values
    without compromise. Your values will protect you. A person with character does
    not live on what’s popular; they live on what is principle.
  • Challenge the status quo. Never accept “because it has always been done this
    way” as an excuse to not venture into uncharted waters. March to the beat of
    your own drums. Create a trail where there is not yet a path. Don’t play it safe
    and mediocre.
  • Be inquisitive. Question things, even if the question sounds foolish to you.
    Never assume, ask. Confucius said, “The person who asks a question is a fool
    for a minute; the person who does not ask is a fool for life.”
  • Have courage, & speak your mind, with great love and respect. There are
    times when you’ll have to take a stand for something that may be difficult or
    unpopular, but do it anyway. As a leader, it is of utmost importance to have gut.
    People may not like you for it, and that’s okay. However, they will not be able to
    resist the urge to respect you for your convictions. Choose to be respected over
    being popular at all times.
  •  Buy the truth and do not sell it. Be a defender and protector of truth, even
    when your legs are shaking and your voice is cracking. The naked truth is better
    than the best dressed lie.

Have the attitude of a lion. The lion is not the smartest, largest, or fastest in the animal kingdom. Why is he the king? Because of his attitude. Leadership begins and starts with you. Let us never forget that. Detect your own values as a leader, be authentic, and lead thyself first.

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© Copyright 2020
 Black Professionals in Tech Network.
All Rights Reserved.